Rejection / / Dejection [EP]


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Recorded by Danny Stoddard
Mixed and Mastered by Gabor Toth
Artwork by Bryan Nieves


released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


NEWCOMER New York, New York


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Track Name: Sad Song
I am the king / Of desolation / I am the khan / of severe devastation / Don’t stay / just fucking pray / so we listen to this sad song in reminder of rejection dejection / rejection / dejection / I live my life as a reject / you never really knew shit / so you better pay attention prick / Don’t stay / Just pray
Track Name: P[r]etty
This won’t stop / I’ll slit my throat downwards to my heart / you’ve overfilled the glass of bullshit that you poured into my veins / spilling all over everything we used to be / it’s like a fucking disease / more like a cancer / It won’t get the fuck away from me / i have no one, nothing / I am useless / pathetic / i’m drug infested / remember the time when you left me for dead? / no / I don’t wanna feel anything anymore / Don’t wanna be here / Just like you did before / You would do anything for me to get you off the floor / no / what the fuck is happening / all I think about is all the times when you meant shit to me / it turned me into something that i thought that I would never be / you’re so fucking petty did you think you saw the last of me? / You’re so pretty / You’re so petty / Those two things get along so greatly / You’re so pretty / You’re so petty / You’re still a fuck up either way / Petty / A pretty face / never meant shit to me
Track Name: 10¢
Don’t ever say / Anything to me ‘cus I will never ever be / Anything that you would want me to be / At the end of the day, i will always try and find a way / To make a fucking change / instead we’re spending it / Blaming the innocent, and now we got the pigs / Sparing lives like a nickel or Ten cents / fuck this I quit / so you can stay and see this world turn to shit /but I will always try to find another way / Out of this place / If you’re alive or dead / It doesn’t matter / They say everything just happens for a reason / just another season / where we try to progress and go far / we’ll rot and question what the fuck ever went right / I wasn’t worth shit / Kinda like loose change / In your pocket / Just as useless and worthless / to you just a couple of cents / that you spent / I get the opposite / of attention / that you get / your obligated wealthiness / doesn’t cover the filth you’re covered in / Another pill / Another 10 / when will it end / i think about it every god damn day / Now all there’s left to do is wait and wait and wait / All we can do is wait / You know what shut the fuck up / your addiction is tearing us apart / all we wanna do is drugs and fuck / this world is a sewer / and it’s all your fault / Out of luck / you money hungry fucks / nobody wants change unless it’s something that you’re paying with / Why ask questions / If there’s no answers / If there’s no cures / Just more disasters / i’m sick of your shit / You just make me fucking sick / what the fuck / Here we go again lost control of myself again / No light in this hole i’m in / A dime of a dozen / can’t you see / what you did to me / fuck all your beliefs / your god hides while i give it all i got / so pray / to me
Track Name: Doll's Eyes [feat. Andrew Hileman of I AM]
Starting to question / If this is worth fighting for anymore / Just when you've think hit the floor / The floor gets deeper more / and more and everyone's the same / Everybody's a fucking clone / I’m so used to being on my own / Maybe I'm just meant to be alone / I’m a bastard / Mother's disaster / Maybe I'm just / Meant to be alone / I’m just a joke to everyone I've ever known / I’d do anything to light the match and burn it all away / you live your life constantly judging others but never take the time to look in the mirror knowing you're no better / Ever since that day / I live by the anthem / Of rejection, dejection / You make me fucking sick / I’ll never forget what you said

Andrew: You motherfucker / Meaningless lover / You always saw me drown / turned around and walked away / another soon to be mother / to a soon deadbeat father / i’ll watch you die / i’ll watch you suffer / A newcomer to another / Desperate times call for desperate measures / Buried Deep / left for dead / all the bullshit that you said / I can’t see anything right /I stuck a knife into my doll’s eyes / Death come to me / I am here
Track Name: Slag
I don’t like the way you look at me / I don’t like the fact / You’re still here / You’re nothing but a slag / You’re nothing but a false advertisement / your life’s based on fucking trends / talk your shit / I’ll give you a reason to / To do what you do / Which will lead me to what i’m gonna do / To you / I’m so tired of being numb / I’m so sick of being glum / You should feel more than grateful / That i’m not the scum / I once was / This is what I fear / I can never go back / I will never go back / here we go again / I’ll give you a reason to / to do what you do / 15 years worth of bullshit / 10 pills a day / 5 attempts of self murder / 0 fucking breaks / Oh fuck / i’m starting to give up / What the fuck
Track Name: 417A
It’s all a fucking game / So play it like you played me / or will you wait for something better / you left me here collecting dust when you beat me and gave me away / how do I fight a good fight / if you cheated the race and stole all my faith / It’s all a game / It’s all a fucking game / you chewed me up and spat me out / like shitty gum with the flavor worn out / you put me under the desk with the rest / Along with the others you put to the test / I’m losing my grip / Bad habits back at it again / Shit / but it seems to me that people only realize you exist is when you’re rotting and / Dead, dead, dead / Rotting and dead / Another city rat / You say that / Real eyes realize real lies / but you gotta realize / you’re a coward in disguise / And there’s nothing else more that I despise / They say / the apple doesn’t fall far from trees / you poured the salt that kept me from growing / and / they say, they say / is what they all say / first and last one to say / “I’ve been through hell and back” / Will wake up back in the same place / There’s a man outside your door / you think you know me? / Well let me tell you a story / take it back to the glory days / I slept in trains / All i felt was chains / Gonna spit on your face / just like you did to me / rotting and / dead